No one way works for everyone so I take my time getting to know my client and figure out what will best fit their their needs and lifestyle. I set a plan (not a diet) in motion and then adjust it accordingly to get the best lasting results. I become invested in my clients and care deeply about their success.

Thank you for entrusting LML Fitness for your health and fitness needs.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you that might have.


  1.  A 45 minute (or longer, if needed) in person, Skype or phone consult to discuss, in detail, your goals, create a sustainable food plan, personalize macros, review nutritional intake form, and answer any questions or concerns including exercise advice and guidance.
  2. Full access to email or FB message me with any questions or daily concerns you may have.
  3. Accountability on My Fitness Pal app by logging your food daily which I review every evening and send you feedback as needed.
  4. Provide healthy recipe options for your favorite foods.

NEW CLIENT ONLINE ONE MONTH NUTRITIONAL SERVICES - $399 1st Month....$99 a month thereafter.

The newest and most affordable way to train is online with a Certified Coach