I have worked out with many different trainers and I have to say that I have gotten the best results under Lisa. I like her because she switches up your routines by introducing new moves so that your body never plateaus. It's called "Muscle Confusion". Her routines helped me with my sense of balance and agility also. I not only became stronger but also more defined in my physical appearance. My husband and I both agree that Lisa takes the cake!- Madeline R.

The best thing I ever did was start to train with Lisa. It is easy to see how passionate she is about her work. She is motivating, energetic, positive, very knowledgeable and gives you the results you want. My strength, endurance, and flexibility are at levels I never dreamed of thanks to Lisa's workouts. I have lost 11 pounds, 7 inches and my blood glucose levels decreased. Lisa's program has literally changed my life, and the daily compliments on my new body are pretty nice too. So, my Doctor's orders are, "KEEP YOUR TRAINER!" June N.

Meeting Lisa was a great experience for me! She instructed me on the proper things to eat to help me fully achieve my goal. I look and feel great! Lisa was just the best thing for my training needs. What really inspired me most about Lisa was her heart-felt commitment to me on achieving all my goals. Lisa was just so encouraging and helpful for me in building my self-confidence. Lisa was so good with her persistent reminders that I could do anything I really wanted too if I wanted it bad enough. She helped pick up my spirits and reminded me to "BELIEVE IN MYSELF". Lisa has become an inspiration for me, and she is always there if I need her... Carol P.

I trained with Lisa for a little over a year. My goal was to get in better physical shape. I looked forward to our twice weekly work-outs, which included a mix of cardio and weights, varying the major muscle groups each session. Lisa kept things fun and interesting. She challenged me to try exercises that I had never done before, but never pushed me to do anything that I wasn't comfortable with. During our time together, I started a food diary, which Lisa reviewed. By cutting out certain foods, I was able to lose a few extra pounds. And I still keep the diary, to help keep me on track. Brenda M.-

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